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Zoom Networking – After the Event

In the previous two weeks, I shared my networking tips on what to do before and during a Zoom meeting. This week we are focusing on those things you could be doing after a video conference to network. The success of any networking event is what happens after the event.

(I use “Zoom” as a name for any on-line video conferencing by whatever platform, such as Webex, Skype, or Gotomeeting.)

After the Event

1. Remember your overall purpose of networking is to meet people one-on-one.

2. Review your list and schedule your follow-ups (“fups”) ASAP.

I recommend putting them on your calendar.

3. Research the individuals on your list.

To the extent you have time, research your list of fups. Sometimes you can delegate this research; it can be time-consuming.

4. On your list, jot down the reason or opportunity for your follow-up.

This will streamline your process.

5. Contact your fups

Call, email, text, or through LinkedIn or other social media send a message.

6. Meet

1-on-1 in-person, by Zoom, or by phone or other processes.

7. Sort the person you are meeting into one or more categories:

  • (a) a resource for you or your clients

  • (b) a referral source for you or your clients

  • (c) a potential client for you somewhere down the road

  • (d) a friend or associate you want to know

  • (e) someone to discard.

It sounds cold-- but sorting clarifies the future relationship and, if discarded, it eliminates the stacks of acquaintances who you will never contact again.

8. Future fup.

For each intended fup: notate your file, calendar, and spreadsheet with the details necessary for your tickler system or other organizational method.

Remember to check out my other blogs on what to do before and during a zoom meeting. These are the Zoom Networking Instructions I am learning to follow. Let me know what you think.

Cheers! Doug


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