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Where employees rate and give feedback to employers anonymously.




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How It Works

Our Work Happy Challenge is a friendly competition and a fun way to make implementation less difficult. Each business has seven days to turn in all of their entries. Results will be compiled into a rating for each of the 12 areas.


When you purchase the Rate Your Employer survey for your business, you not only get digital access to the results of the Work Happy Survey. You also get to work with a Wilder certified coach in a customized session that is based on your survey results. 

We know implementation of new processes can be challenging so we offer tools in a 1 to 14 week challenge to help you create the happiest work environment.


We will follow up with you 90 days later to see how much you have improved. The best part is seeing how these new processes have benefited everyone involved.

Rate Your Employer Survey

Survey Results Analysis

1 to 14-Week Challenge for Leadership

Follow-UP Survey & Feedback

Wilder Coach Survey Analysis

In the survey analysis session, your coach will identify your team's current strengths and weaknesses. Together we will develop a plan of action for improving your workplace - so that managers and employees are both happier. 


Following the coaching session, leadership will be presented with a 1 to  13-week challenge to improve those results. We will hold you accountable to change. In the results meeting, we set a date to conduct the survey again to see if the changes are providing the desired results. 

When you and your team are happy, you can achieve Amazing Results.

Improve communication between management and staff.

Couple Skiing

Inspire current and future leaders to think creatively.

Pencils in a Cup

Provide action steps for the team to be productive, engaged, and happy.

Purchase Your Online Survey & Analysis from a Wilder Business Coach Today.

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