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The Wilder Notebook

How Coaching Works

Ever wondered how the coaching process works?  For almost three decades, Doug has been honing his process, supplemented by working with hundreds of clients and a myriad of situations. His influences include hundreds of authors, speakers, and coaches.  Using these experiences and influences, he developed the Wilder Notebook – a guidebook for helping clients get unstuck and find their way.  The Wilder Notebook is often a crucial element of the coaching process.


Free Sample Worksheet

Click on this interactive pdf to start evaluating your success. Send your completed worksheet to for a free business consultation. 

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Your Coaching Journey

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Mountains Meet Lake
Beach Run
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Hiker on Edge
Key Speaker

Creating a Map to Achieve Your
Business Goals


Doug created a notebook that is a critical part of his coaching method. His notebook contains excerpts from the latest book on transforming a business as well as worksheets  for evaluating your current goals, rating employee satisfaction, developing company values, and articulating a vision and path to personal success. 

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

While coaching executives, business owners, lawyers, entrepreneurs and others seeking to find what their "why" could be, Doug continually adds to this guided playbook. With each page he helps clients clarify each part of their journey to success.  

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