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Nearly 30 Years
of Coaching

With nearly 30 years of consulting and inspiring professionals in the Jacksonville community, Doug Wilder continues to make a lasting impression with each individual he coaches. 

Featured Testimonials

Featured Testimonials

Pamela DeNeuve

Lawyer & Law Firm Strategist

Doug Wilder is the foundation coach in our city and beyond. He has tirelessly provided coaching for his clients assuring their excellent results. Doug has a knowledge of lawyers, CPA, and other professionals. As a coach, he readily targets the problematic areas and provides guidance using a systematic coaching program to guarantee success to his clients.

Doug is a consistent leader in the legal community. He is also an outstanding leader in the Jacksonville community, and he strives to help others to put their best foot forward.

Doug cares for his clients, the legal community, the coaching community and he is an excellent family man who contributes to the community. Doug's integrity and dedication to everything project is always exemplary and he is an example to all.

Bradley Eye

Cenegenics, Director of Operations

Doug was the first person I met when our practice joined the Chamber of Commerce 11 years ago. No wonder they send him out as part of the welcoming committee. Throught the years, Doug took a real interest in my professional life, always with a bit of advice or a word of encouragement. So, when life showed up in our business last year, I exactly who to trust for advice. Doug serves as a wise sounding board to make meaningful changes in your life. He's insightful, but never overpowering,...simply allowing you to identify your own effective solutions. Sometimes you just need someone to listen and confirm your suspicions. Very grateful to you Doug.

Chris Hand,

President & Attorney

Hand Law

Doug Wilder is not only a dedicated business guide and adviser, but also a caring person who treats his clients like they were long-time friends. "Wilder Business Success" is not just a catchy business name -- it is an accurate reflection of Doug's sincere investment in helping his clients realize their professional and personal potential. Doug is also a community leader who spends significant time providing opportunities for small business owners (especially in the legal profession) to gain best practices and develop mutually beneficial working relationships. Northeast Florida is very fortunate to have Doug Wilder living here and focused on helping businesses succeed.

Video Testimonial from Dr. Bridget Edkin

Video Testimonial
Executives, CEOs, Business Owners

Executives, CEOs, Business Owners & Clients

Chaka Mount
Alivia Care, Director of Accounting

Doug is a great coach! He is unbiased and really wants your coaching sessions to be successful. Successful in the sense that you can take his Dougisms (his gems of wisdom), put them into actions and see real results. Results that are long lasting and clearly visible to yourself and those around you.

Susan Severson
eXp Realty, Real Estate Broker

Doug is extremely helpful and personable. He helped me to focus and remain on track when developing business goals. He has a ready wit and is ever helpful, going well beyond the norm when providing advice and assistance.

Crissie Cudd
Broker Associate, Realtor

Doug doesn't just think outside the box. Doug lives there, and breathes there, and takes others for vacation there. He manages to be both perceptive and intuitive without being invasive. Working with Doug is like having the sun come out after a cloudy day. Everything looks new and anything seems possible.

Clara Rice Dryer

He takes the time to get to know you and your business. He helps you to identify your desired outcomes, helps you design a plan to accomplish those goals and like all GREAT coaches, he holds you accountable!
You always know that Doug's intentions are in the right place which is to help you grow your business with integrity. I highly recommend Doug for coaching. If you need someone to help you clarify your goals, your path and to be your accountability and positivity partner, Doug it the coach for you!

Coach Dina Cole (cont.)

Their insights and shared experiences proved invaluable for me over the years, not to mention the friends I've met along the way. Even as I become more seasoned in some areas, I can still appreciate the questions that the new coaches ask at these monthly meetings because we are ALL always new in some form or another. ;)Thanks Doug for the ongoing learning opportunity for us all! This group is as much of a gem as you are!

Hank Hurst
Hurst CPA

Doug Wilder coaches me on many things, but I really enjoy his role as my calm coach.  Doug sets a great example of practicing what he preaches from demeanor and attitude to delegation strategies and so much more.   I am very passionate about what I do for a living, and sometimes that comes across as too intense and Doug has helped so much with calming that down - just using different wording to help soften how I respond to people has helped me so much.

Joseph Denny
Coldwell Banker Realty, Realtor 

Doug Wilder is a very thoughtful and charismatic coach. He helped me and my father build our business by teaching us proven business strategies and ways of thinking outside the box. His program gave us extraordinary ideas and motivation to succeed. It is worth the money and I highly recommend to anyone trying to improve themselves in business and in life.

Florence Haridan
Conscious Care, Owner

Doug's approach to coaching is a delightful surprise. His ability to gracefully hold the space of self discovery is a gift. Each coaching session in open and focused at the same time. I have experienced many coaching styles and Doug's is one that brings me focused results and an ongoing sense of inspiration and commitment. I highly recommend Doug if you are ready and willing to take your game to the next level.

Dr. Sean Orr
Center for Brain Care, Neurologist 

Doug Wilder is the region's premier business management consultant and coach. He has a keen appreciation for the subtle nuances of human behavior, and his encouraging style of giving guidance is tuned accordingly. I'm impressed by how well he understands and effectively applies the principles of neuroscience such that he helps his clients achieve amazing results. I recommend him without reservation for anyone seeking to transform their lives for the better!

Mark Steven Goldwich
Gold Star Adjusters, CEO

Doug is known for his superior coaching abilities, but I can personally attest to his generosity. Recently Doug helped not only myself, but a number of other local business owners, achieve more success. Doug gave us his time, and his considerable wisdom and know-how. Thanks, Doug!

Liz Updegrave
Bucks County Cleaning, Owner

Doug Wilder is an excellent coach. I believe at times we all need someone to give us council and guidance in our professional and personal lives. Doug can fill that position and has for many people. If you take some time to meet with Doug it will be a worthwhile experience.
Please feel free to contact me directly,

Dr. Bridget Edkin
Slainte Chiropractic, Owner/Chiropractor

“I also want to thank Doug Wilder, because he has been coaching my husband.  My husband is Doug’s avatar.  If you don’t know what an avatar is, you should ask him.  But my husband has worked with him for I think just about two months, and it has transformed our business, it has transformed our marriage, it has transformed his relationships, and it’s so phenomenal.  Thank you so much Doug, for changing my life through my husband.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  So, Doug Wilder, if you don’t know him, go see that sweet man over there.”

Coach Dina Cole
Marriage & Family Therapist

One of the BEST things that has been afforded to me as a coach who was certified virtually is the ability to connect in person with local coaches to discuss any number of things in business and coaches. As a new coach, I have profited HUGELY from Coach Jacksonville, which is lead by Coach Wilder. These types of engagements help to build confidence and competence as I found myself yourself being (in)directly mentored by seasoned coaches from all walks of life.

Recommendation Letter

Letter of Recommendation


November 3, 2022

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Doug Wilder. I have worked with Doug as a business coach and facilitator on and off over many years, and have used his services to inspire teams, build/implement strategic plans and help me personally develop as a happy, healthy, and successful leader.


It seems that life in the corner office can be lonely at times, and the challenges of leading through change, adversity or rapid growth can be daunting. Twenty years ago, I met Doug at a Jacksonville Florida Chamber event when I was leading a successful company that was sold to new owners with radically different leadership styles than those of the past and very different from my own. I was stymied and lacked confidence in that environment, and knew I needed a guide to help me through the dark. Sometimes, the teacher appears when the student is ready, and Doug was the right expert for me at a pivotal time in my career. 


While I have benefited from the contributions of various consultants, Doug’s mentoring has had lasting impact. He shaped my thinking about complex problem-solving and embracing challenges as…well, being fun! He helped me to refine processes and to see roadblocks as steppingstones. He taught me (and my key managers too) to step back and say, “What if we could…..” and from there, build strategies pointed at success. In addition to forming plans, our teams learned how to execute with amazing results confidently and capably.


Doug has a unique approach; part mentor, part coach, part confidante, and part cheerleader. On more than one occasion, I’ve called him my “fairy godmentor” because in my earnest and on-going pursuit of excellence, he has been a key contributor in building dream teams, meeting company’s objectives and mastering professional development. I’ve recommended him to other colleagues and while not knowing you or your needs, I can enthusiastically say his services are worthy of consideration.

Feel free to call with questions. 


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