Hundreds of CEOs and managers have hired Doug for coaching for themselves.

Clients say Doug is particularly adept at listening, and working with people to find focus, develop strategies, and make and keep commitments to themselves. He also has a rather distinct way of working with people to come up with magical answers and strategies. He is extremely careful to not be judgmental, nor be too harsh, nor too soft with each client. Even though Doug has designed a time-tested program contained in his notebook, he custom designs the program to fit each client's particular needs, desires, philosophy, and personality.

Doug Wilder’s purpose is to help great people find and live their purpose. He welcomes the challenge to discover the keys to each person’s success, and to inspire that person to unlock his or her potential.

He does this by getting people unstuck and out of their own way, working with them to determine their ideal future, developing strategies, and then encouraging and holding them accountable to fulfill their dreams.

While Doug has been a lifelong “listener,” he started coaching in 1993 after becoming a certified facilitator for the Stephen Covey “7 Habits” program.

Founder, Head Coach

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