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What the Jacksonville Jaguars Taught Me about Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

On Sunday I became a Jaguars fan again. And it was not just because they won, although that helped. When I switched on the TV to view the Jags’ first game of the season, I was doubtful I would watch the whole game. Over the past several years the players were stirring up much negativity on and off the field. But Sunday the players surprised me.

They seemed to be cool, calm, and not distracted with negative emotions. This change was most evident in linebacker Myles Jack. Last year he was ejected for throwing a punch—he allowed negativity to overtake his rational judgment and as a result, the entire team suffered. During this game when he was pushed by a Colts player after a play, Jack threw up his hands and refused to engage with the other player, and the Colts player was charged with a penalty.

There was good, wholesome football played, and it looked like the Jaguars were having a good time. So when you’re in the workplace and feeling “pushed around”, don’t let negative emotions cloud your play. Focus on your goal and you might win the game too.

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