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Radio Personality Michelle McCormick Interviews Doug Wilder

Michelle McCormick's interview with Doug Wilder aired on Saturday, September 24th, 2022, on WOKV. She is part of Millennium Physician Group, and hosts a weekly program called Medicare Connect Radio. On her show, she connects listeners to a healthier life. Her target audience is people around the age of 65 and older as well as caregivers for seniors.

"The Toolbox We Need to De-Stress"

This 40-minute interview is titled "The Toolbox We Need to De-Stress." Michelle and Doug discuss the causes of stress, consequences of stress, common mistakes when managing stress and, finally, tools to take control of your stress.


Interested in having your own copy of the Nine De-Stress Tools? These tools will be included in Doug's upcoming book, as discussed in the interview. Contact Doug for your Free Wilder De-Stress Tools Worksheet.

If you are having difficulty managing stress and applying these tools and techniques to your life, Wilder Business Success is here to coach you.

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