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Wilder Tip – Surviving Business Rip Currents

Riots. Hysteria. Spending cuts. Aren’t these terrible for your business? No, this is a great opportunity! Great opportunity to rethink, restructure, and re-energize your business. There are many examples of companies that have died or been damaged in the rip current of negative times. But there are a few companies that minimize the harm and actually prosper during these times.

Perhaps we can take a lesson from the lifeguards at the beach. They say, when caught in a rip current, don’t panic and swim in against the current; you might tire out and drown; instead

  1. Stay Calm

  2. Conserve Energy

  3. Swim parallel to the shore or go with the flow until the current circles around to bring you back to shore.

In your business, when you’re caught in the current of negative times and conditions for which you have no control or influence,

  1. Relax

  2. Stop Struggling

  3. Change your direction. And if need be, call for help.

Anita Comisky, founder of Amelia Toffee, found that the sales of toffee stopped with the pandemic shut down, but instead of panicking, they sat around the kitchen discussing what was in demand, and they started bottling sanitizing solutions and wipe kits. The flow carried them through.

We often talk about flipping negative situations into positive ones, and the bigger the negative the bigger the opportunity. Problems are merely challenges, and challenges are opportunities.

Steve Thompson, owner of Sand Dollar Cleaners found that, with so many of his customers working from home during the pandemic, dress clothes were rarely worn and his sales plummeted. He flipped the problem or challenge into an opportunity by having his crew make masks, and he jumped into a more aggressive marketing plan, including sales on cleaning comforters and winter clothes, which he announced to his clientele through robocalls and text messaging.

Whatever is threatening our world or attacking our success, let us reorient how we are thinking about it, and turn our lemons into lemonade.

So, come on world, bring on the challenges, we are ready to create new opportunities. Let’s go forth and conquer!!


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