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Rediscovering Love for Your Work

Updated: May 15, 2020

On Valentine’s Day, love is the buzzword—we spend the day sharing our love with romantic partners, friends, and family. This is a special holiday where we celebrate the joy that love brings into our lives. What about those parts of our lives where the love has faded? Over the years I have worked with a number of clients to help them rediscover love for the work that they do.

By rediscovering love for your work, you can transform your whole life. I love my work because I am able to have an impact on the lives and businesses of the people that need them. Making the choice to love your work has the wonderful domino effect of making that work more fun and successful.

When you hate your work all you can do is focus on the negative—which has its own domino effect that makes more bad things happen. There have been a countless number of clients who I have helped rediscover their love for work.

One business owner particularly hated her practice and wanted to sell her business, but she found that there was no value. She decided to love her business for one more year, the business grew as she rediscovered her love for the work and she was able to sell her business.

Loving your work does not mean that every day on the job is perfect or easy (the same can be said for loving relationships). However, loving your work makes those moments of difficulty and frustration easier to navigate through because in those hard moments you can remind yourself of the love and joy that the work brings.

If you’re not in love with your work, decide to love it, treat it like you love it, and work will become a joy.

No matter your life, decide to love it (and the people in it) and watch it soar.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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