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Half-Time Pep Talk

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

It’s half-time!  Let’s hit the locker room and huddle up for a coaching moment.  

The first half of the year is done.  Today is the first day of the new week, new month, new quarter, the 2nd half, and perhaps a new life for you.  Now is your time to surge ahead for the second half.  Regardless of your past, you have an unblemished future.  Regardless of any obstacles, now is the time to decide you will leap any hurdle.  No excuses.  Don’t wait!  Commit to success.

I suggest you take some time today to create or review and update your Goals.  Be sure your Goals reflect your Ideal Future, including your Purpose (your Why), your Vision, and your Mission.  The bolder and more exciting your Goals, the more likely you will accomplish them.  

If you can’t wait or have specific questions, just ask.  If you want someone from the Wilder Success team to work with you to find and implement your keys to success, we can talk about what that might look like.  

Okay, repeat after me, “If it is to be, then it’s up to me.”  Decide right here, right now, that you will be successful and what success will look like for you.  Now, get back out there and make things happen!!

Cheers!  Doug


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