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Fire Prevention: Extinguishing the Urge to Fire Talented Employees

Updated: May 15, 2020

1. Brian Tracy is known for his quip: “Hire slow; fire fast.” It is so true that to hold on to a festering employee problem can infect the whole organization, decreasing morale and productivity. I recommend addressing problems immediately with courage.

2. However, sometimes the problem employee has some amazing talents, experience, or relationships that the organization will lose if a dismissal is carried out. If the employee can be turned around, it may be worthwhile

3. To turn around an otherwise valuable employee, often the thorn causing the scorn can be found and the employee saved. (Don’t be surprised if your management technique is not working for the employee.)

Do you have any festering problems with employees? Is it affecting the productivity and morale of the team?

Contact me to share what is happening in your world. Let me know if you want me to work with you and your people to enhance the team’s productivity, communication, and teamwork.


Doug Wilder


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