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Big Improvements from Small Adjustments

Updated: May 15, 2020

Here we are, halfway through January, can you believe it? In my last blog post, we talked about How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions. When we talk about New Year Resolutions, we are often talking about big changes dealing with money, diet, and lifestyle. Working to make these areas of our lives better is remarkable, but these big changes can be daunting.

So my challenge to you, at this halfway point of the month, is to think about those little changes that could make your life better. In my coaching, I have found that people can dramatically improve their lives and businesses by making small adjustments in what they do on a regular basis.

I’ve seen this phenomenon many times. Here are a few client examples:

  • A professional found that blocking out a small amount of time every week for marketing and sales brought a dramatic improvement in her business.

  • An attorney was not having fun in his law practice until he stopped taking cases that he didn’t enjoy, and thus he eventually had a practice that was fun and surprisingly profitable.

  • An executive was able to dramatically improve employee relations and morale by addressing the issues for a short time each week and thereby creating a major boost in productivity.

What one thing could you do on a regular basis that would have a profound, positive impact on achieving what you want? To implement, you could:

  1. Identify the small adjustment and the big improvement, and write down both

  2. Schedule with a supportive person to hold you accountable and encourage you to start and keep at it

  3. Do it, track it, and enjoy the results.

Often it doesn’t take long to enjoy the benefits, and great things seem to occur magically.

Please contact me if you want me to send you a template for this process. You may also contact me if you just want to discuss your small adjustment or your big improvement.

Best wishes for a wild and successful life!

Doug Wilder


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