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Are Your Employees Unpoachable?

“Poaching” other employers’ employees can be a direct source for finding qualified employees. The talent is out there, and it's likely that talent is already working for someone else. While companies don’t want job hoppers, it is common for people to change jobs every 2 to 4 years. There is no longer loyalty gleaned from a decade employee/employer relationship. Either party may look for other options.

So what does it take to get and keep employees?

On December 2nd, recruiting expert Erica Todd presented at the Jacksonville Lawyers Roundtable, offering an inside look at what it takes to woo job seekers today. Erica Todd has over 15 years of experience hiring in today’s market. She’s worked in multiple markets, including Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Jacksonville. In her last role, she was branch manager, and she recently started working for Randstad Technologies as Market Director.

Her presentation covered attraction (finding job applicants), acquisition (closing the hire), and retention (keeping those valuable employees at your company). Here are some of the valuable (and sometimes shocking) take-ways for finding and keeping new employees.


Use contacts, word of mouth, and recruiters rather than the major job search sites.

  • Sticking to only the major search sites can end up with inexperienced, underqualified applicants.

A good salary speaks volumes and covers a multitude of sins. Be aware of compensation expectations in your industry and area. For many industries, a role in Jacksonville will not pay the same as in Atlanta. Know what the local job market offers and provide a competitive salary.

  • Provide an excellent benefits package that starts immediately, not after 60 or 90 days.


Think outside the bottom-line box and improve your benefits package. You may be able to offer more PTO when salary is not available. Provide flexible options for working hours. Maybe a schedule of four 10-hour days is something your job hunter needs.

  • Consider offering hybrid work. Even 1 day working from home can make your offer stand out more.

Speed is critical. Be available to answer job applicant questions, quickly schedule interviews and make your decision. Inform applicant that you will be giving them an update on whether or not they will be moving forward. Make an offer or communicate within 72 hours of interview.

  • Demonstrate commitment to work life balance. Give examples of how current employees at your business are able to balance their responsibilities and home life.

  • Give employees with family, children more PTO. Offer flexibility in hours and working from home options.


Make sure employees feel valued and heard. Check-in with your employees to find what drives them and if they have immediate needs that can be met. Show appreciation and affirm the contributions they make to your overall organization.

  • Provide periodic promotions, productivity bonuses and annual raises. Make sure to give at least an 8% raise to account for inflation.

Make sure to give at least an 8% raise to account for inflation

Provide new or increased responsibilities and give ownership over tasks. Changing a job title or offering a chance take the lead on a project or of a team allows your employees to experience growth - without having to move to another employer.

  • Provide continuing education, certifications, and mentorship opportunities. Increase your employee's skillset and facilitate their learning. This allows employees to develop themselves as well as become better assets for your business.

Maintain relationships with employers in your industry so that you can offer new opportunities to employees that want to continue in the field but take on different responsibilities.

If you need help finding your next candidate, contact Erica Todd at 770-335-2469 or email her at Randstad Randstad Technologies at

Doug's Thoughts

Just as Erica said poaching is one of the new, popular ways to find employees, be warned that your employees are being poached often. Make your employees unpoachable by making their work environment the best it can be.

In Jerry Maguire, a competing sports agent approaches football star Rod Tidwell (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) and tries to poach Rod. In this story, the player is loyal and sticks with Jerry Maguire, his agent. But life isn't always like the movies.

If you need help keeping the talent you have or making your office a happier place, Doug can help. Contact Doug to begin investing in your people and transforming the atmosphere of your office.

Not sure if your employees are showing signs of "poachability?" Here is a free employee engagement survey to get a barometer for work satisfaction at your business today.

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