Thanksgiving Reflections & Tips

Updated: Feb 21

As Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away, I find myself in that annual state of reflection on what I am thankful for this year. The first thing that comes to mind is Wilder 2.0. This is the name I have coined for all of the remarkable developments with Wilder Business Success, Inc. over the past few months. You may have noticed changes like my new branding, business cards, and website or appreciated the new content shared on my social media pages. There has also been the complete redesign of my Wilder Notebook, the collection of lessons and tools I use in my coaching. Wilder 2.0 has been focused on creating a fresh, cohesive look for my brand while preserving the core principles that I’ve developed in my 25+ years of coaching experience.

Doug Wilder and Caroline Havens celebrate the new Wilder Notebook

In May I brought on Caroline Havens, who began as my marketing assistant, and through her spearheading of the revolution that is Wilder 2.0, has become my Director of Marketing. Her ability to beautify my content has inspired me to produce more content which you will be seeing in the coming months. Thank you to Caroline!

Being thankful and expressing that thanks is an essential part of maintaining our own happiness as well as the happy relationships with those around us. We are often quick to thank those in our personal lives, but are we remembering to express our gratitude in the workplace? Scientific studies have repeatedly and consistently supported this practice as an essential part of creating a happy and productive work environment. One such experiment by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania found that among employees who call alumni to raise money for the school, the group that received a speech of encouragement and thanks raised 50% more than the group that was not thanked for their work.

Thanksgiving offers you a special opportunity to share your gratitude in the workplace. Try taking some time to write personal thank you notes to employees, coworkers, and clients—remembering that quality is more important than quantity.

Now that you’ve decided how you’re going to share the spirit of Thanksgiving in the workplace, you can tackle the great Thanksgiving beast… wait I mean feast. Preparing such a large meal for your loved ones is not something to improvise on the spot. So I’ve adapted some of my business delegation tips to help ease you through all of that cooking. Remember, many hands make light work!

Here we are at the Thanksgiving table: you’ve thanked the important people in your workplace, the Thanksgiving feast preparation has been expertly delegated, and the meal is in front of everyone. Now it is time to thank the people in your personal life for all of their love and support.

Thanksgiving Speech Tips

1. What makes this family remarkable?

2. How does each person at the table contribute to the success of the family?

3. What do we see as the future success of the family?

4. Wrap up with an inspirational line.

If need help with your Thanksgiving speech, let me know. You can email me at and I will be happy to give you a hand!

Thanksgiving provides us with such an amazing opportunity to feed our stomachs and our hearts. Sharing our thanks to the people who make each day a little brighter; whether that is our wives, husbands, managers, coworkers, children, parents, clients, or partners. Just remember to pass around the gratitude each day with the same ease that you’ll be passing around rolls this Thanksgiving.



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