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The Cost of a High-Maintenance or Drifting Executive

The cost of doing nothing with a high-maintenance / drifting executive:

  • Unhappy employees = less productivity = less profitability.

  • A disgruntled or drifting employee can spoil the productivity of the whole team.

  • It costs on average 150% to 400% of their annual salary to replace mid-to-high-level employees.

  • It may take a new employee one to two years to reach the productivity of an existing person.

  • Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization.

The usual steps to rescuing the drifting executive:

  1. The high-maintenance/drifting executive and the coach have a confidential session, usually about 1½ hours. More than one session may be required if the executive does not know the lifeline is a last hope. 

  2. The coach has a follow-up, confidential conversation with the manager to hear about any “miraculous” signs seen since the initial session, estimated to be seen in 85% of the time.

  3. The coach gives a recommendation of either a six-month coaching program or “uncoachable.”

  4. Action Plan:  If coachable, the coaching program is begun immediately.  Or if uncoachable, we can explore options available to the managers. 

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