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The Brightway brothers inspire employee engagement at SBLY Circle

The Brightway Insurance founders and brothers David Miller and Michael Miller spoke to the Circle of Success, an exclusive club of the JAX Chamber’s Small Business Leaders of the Year, meeting at Shai Tzabari’s Olive My Pickle plant.  Pictured are Michael Miller, John Miller (Circle Chair), David Miller, and Charlotte Tzabari.

David said that the Mission and Core Values of a company keep it focused on what is important. Their focus took them from a small, $200,000 premium business started on a little table to a half-billion-dollar premium business in their now 86,000 square foot building.

Michael was equally inspiring with two concepts: 1. Visioning: determining what should be, particularly focused on anticipating what the customer wants and making a world class experience for the customer. 2. Alignment: creating win/win/win outcomes for customers, employees, and owners, so that everybody wins; “Don’t be greedy,” he added.

The Millers said, “Primarily we are not in the insurance business. We are in the empowerment business.” You can read their full story at

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