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Coaching Tip – From WWDD to PPAA

Several of my clients have independently and without my prompting told me similar stories: “This week I was about to do what I’ve always done, and suddenly I was struck with WWDD, What Would Doug Do, so I revised my actions accordingly.”

Before you picture the horror phenomenon of multiple mini-Dougs, or Stepford Doug robots, I will tell you what is really happening.  When I coach my clients, we find out what is their Purpose and their Ideal Future, and because I later hold them accountable to their Purpose Plan, they sometimes attribute their new attitude and actions to WWDD.

When they are asking WWDD, they are really asking “what attitudes and action could I take if I were intentionally pursuing my Purpose Plan?”  I’ll call that “Purpose Plan Attitudes and Actions” or PPAA.

Are your attitudes and actions true to you PPAA?


Doug Wilder


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