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Doug Wilder Coach

Meet Doug

Doug Wilder, president and founder, coaches extraordinary business owners and honest attorneys who want wild success with less stress.

Doug Wilder’s purpose is to help great people find and live their purpose. He welcomes the challenge to discover the keys to each person’s success, and to inspire that person to unlock his or her potential.

He does this by getting people unstuck and out of their own way. Using the Wilder Notebook, he works with them to determine their ideal future and develop strategies to get there,  Every step of the way, he is encouraging and holding clients accountable to fulfill their dreams.

While Doug has been a lifelong “listener,” he started coaching in 1993 after becoming a certified facilitator for the Stephen Covey “7 Habits” program.

30 Years of Coaching Individuals & Teams

Certified Facilitator of the Stephen Covey "7 Habits" Program

Jax Chamber Trustee 

Programs Chair for the Jacksonville Business Professionals


This group designed for lawyers and legal professionals meets monthly. The roundtable discussions provide an open forum for building business and getting to meeting colleagues in our Jacksonville community.


This group has business, executive, and life coaches who support coaching. From long-time executive business coaches to professionals in other fields considering coaching, this gathering is designed for growth from all stages. 


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