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Three Symptoms of Employees Needing a Lifeline

Yesterday someone asked me what were the prevalent problems of employees in trouble and needing a lifeline.  There is a combination of three symptoms I usually see for troubled employees who have been labeled as “high-maintenance” or “just drifting.”

  1. They have lost their way. They no longer see or are excited by the team or company’s vision and how they fit into it.

  2. They have lost one or more important relationships. They often feel like they have been wronged and through principle, pride, and prejudice, they can’t get past it.

  3. They have lost control of their time or emotions resulting in poor productivity or stress.

These are the three main symptoms of employees who are in trouble and need a lifeline to bring them back or help them move on.  My experience has been that 78% of the time, these “high-maintenance” or “drifting” employees can be rescued to stay with the team as happier, more productive employees.

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Doug Wilder


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