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Our theme at Wilder Success this year is “Making it easy!”  Along that theme, we are making some enhancements to the Wilder Wisdom Subscription, now Wilder Weekly.  One of the hallmarks of the Wilder subscription was the weekly videos containing a short coaching tip and reminder to make good choices and live life to its fullest.  We will continue to send these to you, now at no charge.  


In addition, we will be creating an archive of the videos, categorized by topic, for all to see, open to the public.  Now you may send a link of these videos to anyone on your team or to anyone you think might benefit from it.  


We hope this makes it easy for you.  We welcome your questions, comments, or suggestions.  If you have a particular question or topic you would like for us to discuss on a future video, please let us know.  We are here to make business and life easy for you.